VI EXPOSIÇÃO NACIONAL - Ericeira, Sociedade Columbófila, 6 de Outubro de 2007

A nossa Best in Show, a Porquinha Amazing Angelique, de Mónica Cabré. PARABÉNS.

2º BIS , Veritas Belladona (PC Self Preto)
3º BIS, Quirinius da Cavilândia (Sheltie)
4º BIS, Duetten's Valentino (PC Self Dourado P.E.)

Na competição participaram cerca de 120 porquinhos, divididos em 30 classes, representando as várias raças, num total de 15 exibidores. O Julgamento foi feito pelo Estalão do CAPI e pelo Novo Regulamento de Exposição, tendo sido convidados a Sra. Juiza Evelyne van Vliet e o Sr. David Marshall, do National Cavy Club de Inglaterra, para procederem ao julgamento.

FOTO de Best In Show
Foto dos Melhores Júniores
Melhor Júnior - Regalia's Tea Cake, de Miguel Castelo
  Um agradecimento especial ao Cláudio Ribeiro e à Verena Fuchs, que foram os Assistentes dos Juízes e que fizeram o seu melhor para que tudo corresse bem.  
Comentário da Sra. Juiza Evelyne van Vliet à Exposição

It was a great privilege to be able to come and judge in Portugal twice this year.I was overwhelmed and to a degree a bit surprised by the quality of the exhibits at the show in Lisbon in April as well as the show in Ericeira in October.

On both occasions, I was struck by the amount of exhibits belonging to the longhaired breeds category. Bearing in mind that there are not many shows being held in Portugal at the moment, I have great respect for all those longhaired fanciers, who breed these breeds, but more importantly who keep them in coat for only a handful of outings per year.

On my two visits, BIS in three out of four categories was a longhaired exhibit: a Sheltie in the Junior show in April; a Coronet in the Junior show in October and a Texel in the Adult section in the April show. All three exhibits were fine examples of their respective breeds.

A Teddy was BIS in the Adult classes at the October show, breaking the “stranglehold” that the longhairs seem to have on these awards.

What struck me straight away was how fit, clean and well presented all exhibits were. No traces of static lice (hay mite) and running lice, which deserves a huge compliment to all exhibitors.

So, how come that the standard of exhibition cavies is so high in Portugal ? After all, the club has only been going for about 4 or 5 years; so therefore the hobby is relatively new.

Well, I think CAPI is very lucky to have quite a few members on board that have already earned their stars in showing other kinds of animals; e.g. dogs.

It is very apparent that the cavies are bred, kept and shown by people who understand how to breed a good show specimen and how to present it correctly before a judge.

Like all major top exhibitors, they have developed an eye for quality and balance in animals, which has helped them choose, select and import foundation stock from countries such as Holland, Germany, Scandinavia and even as far away as Canada.

From a visitor's point of view, it seems to me that the club members also get on very well with each other and have great respect for one another.

A lot of talking and comparing cavies between each other can only help towards more and more exhibitors becoming very successful in their hobbies.

One word of advice, though, please keep your bloodlines and breeds pure. Please do not crossbreed, especially in the longhairs, like has happened in so many other countries with the inevitable disastrous results. You have imported sound foundation stock from various sources throughout the world and that will give you a broad platform to work from for many generations to come.

Dear CAPI members: your shows are expertly organised and your exhibits are of a high quality that could easily compete with the very best in Europe . I am sure the Club will go from strength to strength as will your shows. I am very confident that the cavy fancy in Portugal is kept in very safe hands.

I wish you all continued pleasure, fun and great success with your cavies and hope that we will meet up soon at a European cavy show.

I has been a great honour for me to judge your cavies on two occasions and tremendous pleasure to meet you all; I greatly enjoyed your company.

Evelyne van Vliet



Classificações da VI Exposição Nacional do CAPI :
Juizes : Sra. Evelyn van Vliet e Sr. David Marshall
15 Exibidores
120 Porquinhos-da-índia inscritos em 30 Classes

Best in Show

Amazing Angelique , de Mónica Cabré
98,5 pts, (E)

Best in Show
Veritas Belladona, de Mireia Cabre
Pêlo Curto Self Preto
98,5 pts, (E)

Best in Show
Quirinius da Cavilândia, de Verena Fuchs
98,5 pts, (E)

Best in Show
Duetten's Valentino , de Mireia Cabre
Pêlo Curto Self Dourado D.E.
98,5 pts, (E)

-- Best of Breed's --



Melhor Peruano
1º Ice Age do Clã dos Ursos, de Rita Ribeiro , (98)

Melhor Coroado Americano Preto
1º Carlito , de Daniel Coutinho , (95,5)



2º Eljah das Amas do Cardeal, de Luís Filipe , (97)




3º Jazz do Clã dos Ursos, de Rita Ribeiro , (97)

Melhor Coroado Americano Vermelho


  4º Jesse James von Borchert's KB, de Rita Ribeiro , (97) 1º Regina da Cavilândia , de Verena Fuchs , (97,5)  






Melhor Sheltie
Quirinius da Cavilândia, de Verena Fuchs , (98,5)

Melhor Coroado Inglês Preto
1º Fiona da Cavilândia , de Verena Fuchs , (96)



2º Shuh-Tzi Darci, de rui e Susana Abreu , (98)




3º Primavera da Herdade do Portinho, de Luis Filipe , (96)

Melhor Coroado Inglês Dourado P.E.




1º Pirate Sunquick's , de Mireia Cabré , (97,5)



Melhor Coronet
Dimitri zum Heiligenberg, de Verena Fuchs, (98)



2º Madalena da Herdade do Portinho, de Luis Filipe , (97,5)

Melhor Coroado Inglês Branco D.E.



3º Vulcano da Cavilândia, de Verena Fuchs, (97,5)

1º Zoka Zandramas Nattsmygarns, Mónica Cabré, (97)







Melhor Merino
1º Vila do Casal dos Cardos , de Luís Filipe, (95,5)

Melhor Coroado Inglês Agouti Dourado
1º Zulu do Clã dos Ursos
, de Daniel Coutinho , (96,5)







Melhor Texel
1º Maja's Freedom to Regalia , de Miguel Castelo , (98)



  2º Davon's Tana Umaga, de Ana Frean , (95,5) Melhor Coroado Inglês Bicolor  



1º Mingo da Cavilândia, de Rui Martins, (97,5)



Melhor Alpaca
1º Maja's Luciano , de Miguel Castelo , (96,5)








Melhor Ch-Teddy
1º Isildur da Cavilândia, de Verena Fuchs , (96,5)







Melhor US-Teddy
1º Amazing Angelique, de Mónica Cabré , (98,5)

Melhor Pêlo Curto Self Preto
1º Veritas Belladona , de Mireia Cabré , (98,5)



2º Rebac's Santana, de Mónica Cabré , (97)

2º Oz von Henrichenburg, de Mireia Cabré , (97,5)




3º Diabolbric's Black Legacy, de Mireia Cabré , (97)



Melhor Mohair
1º Blue Gold's Eros Ramazzotti , de Sergio de Diego, (97)





Melhor Pêlo Curto Self Dourado D.E.




1º Duetten's Valentino, de Mireia Cabré , (98,5)
2º Diabolbric's Billy The Kid , de Sergio de Diego, (98)



Melhor Júnior
Regalia's Tea Cake , de Miguel Castelo
Coronet , (98,5)








Melhor Júnior
Sunquick´s Allo-Allo, de Mireia Cabré
Coroado Inglês Dourado D.E. , (98,5)

Melhor Pêlo Curto Self Dourado Satin
1º Diabolbric's Parsifal , de Ana Frean, (96,5)







Melhor Júnior
Galena da Cavilândia, de Verena Fuchs
Chocolate Tan , (98,5)

Melhor Pêlo Curto Self Dourado P.E.
1º Diabolbric's Boemia , de Mireia Cabré , (97,5)







Melhor Grupo de Criador
1º Grupo de Pêlos Curtos Black Tan , de Verena Fuchs

Melhor Pêlo Curto Ruão Vermelho
1º Winddancer Niffers , de Rita Ribeiro, (97,5)







Grupo Coronet's , de Rui & Susana Abreu
3º Grupo Peruanos , de Rita Ribeiro

Melhor Pêlo Curto Agouti Dourado
1º Keanu do Clã dos Ursos, de Rita Ribeiro, (95,5)








Melhor Pêlo Curto Agouti Dourado Sólido
1º Fridolin von Henrichenburg , de Rita Ribeiro, (96)







Melhor Par
1º Par Pêlo Curto Preto , de Mireia Cabré

Melhor Pêlo Curto Agouti Prateado
1º Bandit aus Heiligensee , de Rita Ribeiro, (95,5)







Par Pêlo Curto Black Tan , de Verena Fuchs
3º Par Coronet , de Verena Fuchs

Melhor Pêlo Curto Agouti Prateado Sólido
1º Celine von Krois , de Mireia Cabré, (98)








Melhor Pêlo Curto Black Tan
1º Waleska da Cavilândia , de Verena Fuchs, (98,5)














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